The Real James Bond

By Jim Wright

An interesting read, though didn’t really follow much direction. Was it a book about James Bond, the secret agent. Or was it a book about Ian Fleming, the author and ex-Royal Navy officer? Or Maybe about ornithology, the study of birds? Or maybe about the history of spying and undercover shenanigans, particularly in relation to Britain and the USA? Or was it about James Bond, the author and ornithologist that Ian Fleming ‘used as the name for 007? Or could it be how secret service agencies used naturalists such as Bond as covert operatives? Ian Fleming himself was a bit of a bird fancier, feathered variety of course. I know many years ago it was thrown around that Fleming’s character was based upon himself, though the author here does draw quite a lot of comparison’s to suggest that the ornithologist Jim Bond could have been clandestine, or not.
Reasonably well written, but I felt that the author really needed to brush up on his punnyness, some puns were a bit corny and tended to raise the eyes ironically to the ceiling rather than laughing out loud.
Worth the 3 out of five stars, for interest value alone, though whether it will stay with me as a book I’ll remember, ask me again in the future what I thought of it?
Also, I think the cover will mislead many to purchase the book and realise it isn’t so much about 007, and more of a meandering ride around middle/upper-class spies/ornithologists in 1940’s Caribbean.

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