The Big Trip Up Yonder. Kurt Vonnegut Jr

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Interesting short story, in the science fiction genre, though seemed very down to earth(no pun intended!)
The story highlights how a new potion has been invented that elongates peoples lives, so the world becomes really over populated with many members of the public living well into their third century. Unfortunately this means that the earth is really overpopulated, presuming that property prices rise. Then whole families live together, so the great great grandfather is living with his children, grandchildren and great grand children etc. The family we see has about twelve people living in a three roomed flat on the umpteenth floor of an infinitely numbered block in a sprawling metropolis.
Of course there are many pressures suffered by such families, and this is the story of this one family, with all its mad eccentricities and arguments etc. 
Really interesting read. One thing that sprung to mind when I was reading this was that it reminded me of how working class families in cities in Britain and Ireland in Victorian times would live maybe fifteen to twenty people in two rooms within run down tenements. Horrific living standards. I suppose the author is more pointing to how medical and technological advances have made peoples lives so much longer and easier. So there could be an ultimate crutch where there are so many people around, that a welfare system is null and void, but still people can live long if not really fruitful lives. Worth a read.
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