Beyond Lies The Wub. Phillip K Dick

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An enjoyable short story, about crew of a spaceship that had to stop off on it’s way between two far stretched destinations to pick up supplies. Whilst there, one of the crew comes back with a pig like creature which he had purchased off a local tribe. The remainder of the crew agree to let it on, and start to discuss how they are going to cook it, carve it and eat it. When speaking about it, the wub, that’s the name of the species of this creature and of course the title of the story, apparently the tribesmen told the crew member this was the name anyway. The wub starts to speak to the crew through there minds, like a psychic voice. It suggests that like the rest of the crew it is a being as much as them. Then we see the story begin.
I know this was written back in 1952 and was one of Dick’s first public pieces, so Dick won’t be too interested in what I have to say now. I really think that this story could have been well expanded into a riveting tale. I was thinking that the wub was going to start to manipulate the crew and turn them against one another, but suffice to say, no it didn’t. Maybe Dick put this out so he could get a bit of feedback to develop the story. Or maybe for one of us to come up with a nice juicy tale off the back of Dick’s making of a masterpiece.
A very short read, you should be through it in about twenty minutes, very entertaining, well worth a look.

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