OMFG! D.J.Doyle

A nice follower to Jesus on a bike, a story about Father Jack and his team of exorcist priests, who go around saving poor souls and protecting the world from nasty beasties like demigods and demons. A really enjoyable read, that seemed so long ago that I read it, I read it again with OMFG! Still laughed out loud in the same places, particularly the bit when in the middle of an exorcism of a young lad, the boys mother walks in on the priests at a really crucial point. Father Jack, the main character turns to the mother and says she should leave as this is no way to see her son like this. Then in that real flippant off the cuff Irish way, she says to Jack “Sure Father, I used to be a midwife, this isn’t anything unusual for me, really tickles me still.
OMFG! Continues on, I won’t spoil it, but basically Jack takes charge of the band of brothers(and fathers) after the original leader has to stand down because of illness. Then we follow the new exploits of Jack and his clerics, leading up to where Jack is given the simple task of saving the world in a shopping centre.
Once again, like Jesus on a bike, very well written, very much keeping the interest throughout. A bit of a rant at the first chapter, in one paragraph, Jack is going to visit his sister in the looney bin(as he puts it) then the next he changes the subject. Ok, so it’s a first person thing, and maybe it’s an insight into the character that he is a bit erratic and irritated. I do feel that we should have seen the visit to the hospital, and a little more character building with the sister. After all, she was spoken about so much in the first book. It may have also put a bit more underlined emphasis on the passion with which Jack had taken up his post.
Otherwise the makings of a good series, now I am gagging for more!

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